For over 12 years, I have known Verse and enjoyed his music.  I remember back in the day, being so truly excited to get to the coffee shop on the corner in downtown Asheville, NC where Verse would bless Open Mic Night with his pure talent.  I was an instant fan, though that word is easily interchangeable with “fam,” as Verse became a dear friend.  He was always kindhearted and ambitious, with a peaceful power about his presence, which I admired very much.

Shortly after Verse and I met, I began performing publicly, breaking through my own fears and perceived limitations.  I had watched this young god share himself courageously and I was inspired to no end.  He continues to capture hearts all over the world ~ expanding as a songwriter, musician, singer, author and activist.

Beyond his artistic genius, Verse is also my hero, having persevered through heart-wrenching circumstances and adversity, while remaining a strong & noble leader.  He is goodness and truth, incarnated.  My beloved soul brother continues to help shift the consciousness of our music culture and our generation at large.

Verse has mastered the art of acoustic alchemy.  When I play May You Shine . . . tears flow.  It is one of my favorite songs, deeply touching in its simplistic yet profound musical majesty.  Enjoy:


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Devoted to the LovEvolution and its heartcore ambassadors,

♡  Heidi D  ♡