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♦️ ARTISTRY → Heidi D is an alchemist who’s channeled hundreds of original lyrical pieces, spanning and fusing numerous genres. Her rapping, songwriting, and poetry seamlessly interweave realism and imagination via wizardly wordplay, soulful melodies, and moving performances. Through her literary, musical, and philanthropic work, she shines light upon the challenging dichotomy of the human experience and the wondrous truths of our existence. The maverick’s empowering artistry is driven by a deep desire for people to unite harmoniously as a global family and thrive.

♦️ STREET CRED → Heidi D graduated valedictorian of her high school class, served on the executive committee of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society at UNCA, became a sister of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority – raising awareness & funds for victims of domestic violence, and was a pioneer DJ for the launch of her campus’s radio station [The Blue Echo] – developing the university’s first multicultural weekly music program.  In addition to her mastery of lyricism and oration . . . Heidi D is Certified as a Trauma-Informed Coach . . . Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy . . . Certified in Energy Healing . . . and is an Ordained Minister. She serves as a seasoned and reputable counselor . . . writer & editor . . . integrative holistic childcare specialist . . . author of the book Heartcore Life  . . . founder of the youth organization – Foundations For Happiness . . . and creator of discourses that help you master your inner wellbeing.

♦️ HIGHER CALLING → Heidi D contributes to the evolution of human consciousness through original offerings focused on:

✧  amplifying our sense of peace & vitality

✧  infusing soulfulness into our lifestyle

✧  cultivating deeper intimacy in our relationships

✧  activating positive potential and supernatural abilities

✧  illuminating spiritual truths that exalt & empower us

♦️ OUTREACH → For a decade and a half, Heidi D has designed & facilitated events that serve her community, including:

Woman Being ~ a women’s support group where compassion flows, solutions are shared, self-love is cultivated, and meaningful bonds are built. A safe space for soul sisters to express their hearts, explore their inner world more deeply, and thrive.

Align & Dine ~ a get together that combines meditation, energy healing, channeled guidance, purposeful connection, food, and fun

Youth Enrichment Fest ~ full day of educational playshops, live music, organic vegan cuisine, and quality time with leading experts & teachers

Heartcore Powwow ~ community counseling in nature for adults on a budget

Soulful Sunday Intellectual Salon ~ gourmet catered meetup for higher-minded social discourse

The Art of Attraction & Communication ~ comprehensive, interactive workshop to equip men with practical wisdom and in-depth tools for connecting with compatible potential mates

Storytelling In Paradise ~ magical afternoon of wholesome, educational stories for children, to activate their imaginations, and encourage literacy & creativity

Free Hugs Extravaganza ~ annual event to share the importance of healing human touch

♦️ LIVITY → “May our daily lives be a demonstration of our ministry and the construction zone that builds our legacy. May we use prana (energy / breath / life force / sunlight) to clear as well as activate our multidimensional field, receive ascension codes, and induce the positive states of being we seek “out there” – accessing Divinity from within and honoring all that is Sacred. May we shift further away from the mechanistic functioning of linear Chronos Time and consciously sync with the qualitative, lucid frequencies of Kairos Time ~ where creativity, serendipity, and full presence are the luscious norm.” -Heidi D

Heidi D resides in tropical paradise, savoring healthy gourmet vegan fare, meditating, and honoring the divine intuitive impulses that flow through her.

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307425_10200410664411216_1151767306_n heidi-quote 3

“Heidi D –
my absolute favorite,
and most memorable
recording sessions in the studio,
which I had for nearly a decade,
and had conducted
countless sessions in,
with countless amazing artists,
were your sessions.
I never saw an artist conduct
and orchestrate their vision
so carefully and with such
precision to turn out such
an awesome production value.
You are more of a producer,
in the word’s original meaning,
than anyone I’ve met.
Our conversations always have me
buzzing and awestruck too.
You are truly special and I
cannot wait to see what we
create together going forward.”

-Richard Zadorozny, music producer
New Era Recording Co.
Miami, Florida